In the interest of sustaining this group, The Ukestra membership is going to a monthly ($12.50/month) paid structure, with a 30 day trial period. This assumes an average two activities per month, either in-person or Zoom. Also full access to the private Ukestra email account. It also is a bit under our previous “pay as you go cash in hat” form of around $7 per meeting. Some members have been generous with this style of pay-per-meeting, and we will still have the in-person cash/hat option but request $10 for a drop-in one time meet.


Paid members (Either annual or monthly) will receive access to more than the site allows, including a private email account for all Ukestra members featuring content and information not posted on this site. Also, performance opportunities and group events (potlucks, etc) are not offered to unpaid members of this group.

So the breakdown again:

As of 10/1/21 Ukestra Membership:

$12.50 monthly (150/yr) Sign up through Meetup/Stripe.

Drop in member meets $10 cash/hat in person at locale. (Wherever it may be;)

I thank you for your continued interest!