Goals and Mission

Wow, goals and mission!  I set up this page and thought I should at least fulfill my own challenge to describe what it’s all about!

The goal has been the same since I came up with the ukulele club idea…to form a bond with folks who enjoy the sound of this silly little instrument. 🙂 That’s “silly” with a lot of love.

I learned many years ago that music brings people together, in many ways. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope that this group would be successful, and for what we’ve been through and what we’ve weathered, I have to say it is.  As it’s expanded,  I’ve learned a lot myself; how to manage, how to maintain, how to sustain.  I’ve learned that people are the most important and the instrument is secondary. You CAN however, bring those two things together and blur the line quite a bit.

I never had a business plan for the Ukestra, and as such have learned the more difficult way of having a fairly undefinable entity to be in charge of. (Is it a club? A band? A business? A hobby?)

What really matters is that none of those questions matter.  The Ukestra is what it is, what the music tells and the performances display, what the photos imbue and what the people talk about.  I’ve learned that sometimes questioning a good thing is a blind alleyway, a will o’ the wisp, if you will.

So those, my friends, are the goals and mission.  More to come.